Beginner Photography Workshop – Level TWO – Sunday 19th May 2024


Would you love to learn photography? Why not attend our Level Two Photography Workshop on Sunday 19th May 2024.

This is the perfect way to further progress your photography passion.

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Ready to take your photography to the next level but not sure how to do it? Maybe you’re stuck in AUTO mode and don’t know your ISO’s from your shutter speeds??

So many people have a “fancy” camera and they’ve no idea how to use it. More often than not, it sits on the shelf gathering dust.

Well it’s time to dust your camera off and come along to our Level Two Beginner’s Photography workshop where we’ll take you from Automatic unknown to a Manual king or queen.


Please note, this is to book the specific Level Two workshop date on Sunday 19th May 2024.

Location: Full Circle Brew Co, Hoults Yard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2HL

Time: 11am start

Workshop ticket includes:

  • The next step following our Level One training. We recommend attending our Level One workshop or completing the Level One online course first.
  • Learn how to control your camera, what all the settings mean and how changing them can affect your photographs.
  • Training by time served, multi-award winning photographers.
  • Access to the Level One online course to complete before you attend.
  • Small group classes at a cool location in Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Workshops typically last for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Lunch included – Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements.

You will receive access to our Level Two online course as part of your ticket to this event. This is included in the price and not extra.


In our Level Two Beginners Photography workshop, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of how camera controls work so we can help you to get your camera out of automatic mode and start taking more control over your photographs. We’ll look at shutter speeds, apertures, ISO’s, focus points and much, much more.

If you’re just using your smartphone and have no plans to use a manual camera, please look at our Level One workshops.



This event ticket includes access to the Level Two online course as part of our hybrid learning model. You MUST complete the Level Two online course material at home before you attend the in-person workshop.

Please see below your cancellation rights for the in-person event.


If you choose to cancel your attendence for this workshop, the following amount will be retained against loss:

  • Within 7 days of the workshop date – 100% of the ticket value
  • Within 21-8 days of the workshop date – 75% of the ticket value
  • 22 days or more before the workshop date – 50% of the ticket value


This item is to book our workshop on Sunday 19th May 2024.


  • This voucher is for a specific workshop date. If you are making this purchase for yourself, we will email you with some more preparation in the days running up to the workshop.
  • If purchasing this as a gift for a friend/family member, please use their name, email address and contact number when completing this order. This is so the online learning part of the order is linked to their online account and not yours.
  • Instructions on your attendence for this workshop, including location, times and plan for the day will be emailed to you upon completion of your order.