Beginners Photography Online – 3 Course Bundle

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Can’t decide which online course you want to do? Why not try all three?!

This 3 course bundle contains all three of our original photography courses:

  • Beginner’s Level One
  • Beginner’s Level Two
  • Intro to Editing

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Please see notes in the main description below if you’re purchasing this course as a gift for someone else and/or if you are wanting to book on of our in-person workshop dates.



Can’t decide which online course you want to do? Why not try all three?!

This 3 course bundle contains all three of our original photography courses:

  • Beginner’s Level One
  • Beginner’s Level Two
  • Intro to Editing

The Beginner’s Level One online course is aimed at anyone who wants to take a nice photograph. Whether you have a smartphone camera or a DSLR, this online course covers the basic understanding of both lighting and composition.You don’t need to have a special camera to learn what we teach in this course. In other words, we’ll teach you how to take a nice photograph regardless of what camera you have.

In the Beginner’s Level Two online course, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of how camera controls work so we can help you to get your camera out of automatic mode and start taking more control over your photographs. We’ll look at shutter speeds, apertures, ISO’s, focus points and much, much more.

In our Editing Workshop, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of the editing process. How we edit, what changes what, what all the jargon means and how it affects your images. We’ll also talk about how sometimes editing is essential to creating the image you want to create.


  • This product is for the online course ONLY. If you want to attend an in-person workshop date, please purchase the relevant product for that workshop date from the workshops page. DO NOT purchase both the online course and the in-person ticket.
  • Once you’ve purchased your ticket to an in-person date, you will gain access to this course automatically in your “my account” section. Please don’t purchase both the online course and your event ticket.
  • As of March 1st 2024, the online Level One course is available to study, however the Online Level Two and Intro to Editing Courses are on pre-sale. They will be launching Spring 2024 and will appear in your account once they’ve live and ready. You will be notified via email as soon as the courses are are.


Our online photography courses are the best around and so much fun. We guarantee to advance your photography skills in only a few hours. Our tried and tested method of teaching has received fantastic feedback from our students over the past few years.

The great thing about our online photography courses is that they can be completed at home in your own time. You can watch the videos and access the course again and again forever.

So many of our students have told us how they’ve read the books and watched the Youtube videos but somehow the information still doesn’t sink in. Well, you no longer need to worry as you’ll be sure to finish our course and be on the correct path to photographic greatness.

We’ll teach you how to not only take the perfect photograph but also the fundamental basics to help you develop a passion for taking incredible photographs.


Our online photography courses are essentially online versions of the in-person workshops that we’ve been teaching our students for the past few years.

It was always the goal to bring our courses online to make them accessible for more people. We have some people who can’t attend our in-person workshop dates, whether that be down to work/life commitments or some people just don’t feel comfortable attending a workshop in a group environment. We’ve also had a lot of requests to take under 18’s on our workshops but due to all the red tape involved, we’ve never been able to.

Our online courses allow anyone to learn from us in the comfort of their own home.


  1. In Level One workshops, we’re just looking to teach you how to take a nice photograph, regardless of what camera you have. We actually encourage our students to bring their smartphones so that they don’t need to get caught up in the technical drama of trying to use their DSLR.
  2. In Level Two workshop, we’ll take that one step further and show you how to take your DSLR from automatic mode to full manual mode along with an understanding of when and why we would need to.

All of our photography courses include:

    • Training by time served, multi-award winning photographers.
    • Lifetime access to your online portal.
    • If you decide to purchase more online courses in the future, please use the same online account on our website to access multiple online courses under one account.



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This will ensure that the course is linked to their email address and not yours.

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  • This voucher is for our online photography course only. It does not include any access to our in-person workshops.
  • If you’ve purchased / have been gifted an online course and wish to follow this up with attendance to one of our in-person workshops, please contact us for more information on how to book onto specific dates as and when they are available.
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