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Do you know someone who would LOVE to learn how to take the perfect photograph??

Why not treat them in the most special way to one of our online photography courses, led by Chris from the award winning Chocolate Chip Photography team.

We have three options for our online photography courses and four voucher options. Please read the product details for more information on how it all works along with the rollout of our online courses at the start of 2024.

PLEASE NOTE, this item is a voucher for the online photography course ONLY. In-person workshop dates will be released in early 2024 to the people who have purchased an online course.

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Chocolate Chip Photography’s online photography courses are finally here!

These are essentially an online versions of our popular in-person workshops and are guaranteed to advance your photography skills in only a few hours. Our tried and tested method of teaching has received fantastic feedback from our students over the past few years.



So many of our students have told us how they’ve read the books and watched the YouTube videos but somehow the information still doesn’t sink in. Well, you no longer need to worry as you’ll be sure to finish our course and be on the correct path to photographic greatness.

  • Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home: Our courses are accessible anytime through our dedicated platform.
  • Lifetime Access:Revisit lessons as often as you like!
  • Choose Your Level: Our range of online courses offers options for all levels: from basic techniques for smartphone users to more advanced concepts for DSLR enthusiasts.
  • Comprehensive: We’ll teach you how to not only take the perfect photograph but also the fundamental basics to help you develop a passion for taking incredible photographs.



There are four options when it comes to purchasing a voucher for an online course.

  1. Beginner’s Level One

    Aimed at smartphone users, this covers the basic understanding of both lighting and composition. In other words, how to take a nice photograph regardless of what camera you have.

  2. Beginner’s Level Two

    If you own a manual camera (for example, a DSLR) and you’re stuck using it in Automatic mode, this is the course for you. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISO’s. Even focussing and depth of field. It’s all covered in this Level Two course.

  3. Editing for Beginners

    The next step after mastering your camera is editing your photographs and most importantly, knowing why we edit and how editing can improve your photographs significantly.

  4. Beginner’s Bundle

    The ultimate bundle for any photographer gives you access to all three of our online courses.



  • Beginner’s Level One is now available for immediate access.
  • Intro to Editing will rollout March 2024.
  • Beginner’s Level Two will launch in April 2024.

You will receive an email upon purchasing your voucher with more information about this.

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Purchasing this voucher will generate a coupon code which can be later redeemed on our website. Information on how to do this will be emailed to the email address of the person purchasing this voucher.

If you are buying one of these vouchers as a gift it is your responsibility to forward these instructions to the person redeeming this voucher at a future date.

  1. Upon purchasing your voucher, you will receive an email with a coupon code which can be redeemed later against the relevant online photography course.
  2. To redeem this code, head to our website, select the online course and add it to your cart. At checkout, enter your coupon code and complete your order.
  3. At checkout, you will need to create an online account using an email address and password. Once the voucher code has been redeemed, your online course will appear in your online account.
  4. Please note, if the person redeeming the voucher is different to the person purchasing the voucher, they will need to create their own account to access the course. If it’s the same person purchasing and redeeming the voucher, you can use the same online account to redeem your order as you did to purchase your voucher.


  • This voucher is for our online photography course only. It does not include any access to our in-person workshops.
  • If you’ve purchased / have been gifted an online course and wish to follow this up with attendance to one of our in-person workshops, please contact us for more information on how to book onto specific dates as and when they are available.

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